MCIT has successfully provided eCommerce support services for numerous online retail businesses across the world. Our services range from Customer Service, Order Processing and Fulfillment, Product Information Management, to eCommerce Product Photo editing. Our Services include

Order Management

Fast and efficient order processing is one of the important requirements of ensuring that businesses will attract and retain customers. Failure to complete the order processing in time will lead to aggrieved customers, which would negatively affect the business reputation. MCIT is a leading global IT-BPO that provides comprehensive and high quality order processing and order management services to clients. Our capable staff is able to tackle a diverse variety of orders even within short deadlines and complete them successfully as per your specifications.

Production Management

MCIT, a leading BPO service provider, will provide robust support to your eCommerce business with our Product Data Entry and Bulk Product Data Upload Services. Our well-trained professionals are capable of completing data entry for large volumes of products, within a short turnaround time. By employing our cost-effective services, your eCommerce store will display the most up-to-date, unique and relevant information for all products, which will create a positive impression in the minds of shoppers and persuade them to proceed to checkout.

Call Centers

Smart and successful organizations around the world have realized that call center / contact center outsourcing is a cost-effective option that promotes customer satisfaction and retention. MCIT enables you to delight your customers. Many Companies have utilized our multi-channel contact center to stay connected to their customers at all hours of the day. With our call center outsourcing services, your business can streamline the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process to achieve a high rate of business growth and profitability.

Financial Services

As a leading BPO service provider with extensive experience providing effective BPO solutions for numerous businesses across the globe, MCIT augments your enterprise Finance and Accounting capabilities in areas such as procurement and supply chain (the Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash process), Collections and Receivables, General Accounting, Record-to-Report and Financial Planning & Analysis.Leveraging our services improves your financial agility through better cash flow management, enhanced collections, reduced reconciliations efforts, improved receivables, accurate reporting, accelerated revenue cycles, among others; this ultimately positively impacts revenue growth.

Account Payable

With an efficient Accounts Payable (AP) or Procure to Pay process, your organization will be able to manage working capital and cash flow better, develop and maintain strong vendor relationships, determine potential areas of cost saving, increase organizational agility and comply with regulatory policies. MCIT is an expert Accounts Payable BPO Services provider. We are one of the leading accounts payable outsourcing companies of delivering end-to-end Accounts Payable services. We offer quick and effective services that enable your organization to streamline their finance and accounting processes and achieve operational efficiencies.

Account Receivable

For an organization to meet its goals in terms of cash flow, it needs to have effective Accounts Accounts Receivables process ensures that companies can get back their payments in a shorter duration of time, improve their collection rates and ensure faster processing of invoices which will all contribute to increasing the cash flow. MCIT is a specialist Accounts Receivable outsourcing services provider. We provide the expertise that will help your organization successfully execute the start-to-finish management of the Order to Cash cycle. We convert your AR process into a business function that can be optimized leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Book Keeping Services

Professional bookkeeping constitutes an important requirement of effective financial management for every business, no matter which industry sector it operates in. When done efficiently, it ensures business growth and mitigates risks. MCIT provides value-added professional accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services focused on the needs of your business. Our team of experienced accountants can work as a virtual back-office to your business, to deliver essential accounting and bookkeeping services in a cost-effective manner within a specific time frame. All business information will be kept secure and confidential.

Records to Report

All over the world, organizations are looking for solutions to improve the efficiency and cost of their Finance and Accounting functions. Compliance with changing regulatory norms as well as building the capability of the finance division to keep pace with a dynamic market environment are paramount focus areas for CFOs. MCIT is a specialist Finance and Accounting BPO service provider in delivering accurate Record to Report outsourcing services. By outsourcing your company's Account to Report business requirements to us, your finance division can focus on mission-critical work with the assurance that best practices and regulatory standards are being adhered to.

Payroll Processing

MCIT is recognized as one of the leading payroll processing companies, with years of experience in handling corporate payroll services and the ability to tailor a solution to specifically suit the needs of any organization. Managing complete payroll processing in addition to your core business processes can become quite overwhelming and often result in payroll issues. Outsourcing payroll management services to MCIT can assure impeccable payroll processing and permit you to focus your time and energy on your core business functions.

Photo Editing Services

MCIT is an expert image retouching company in product photo editing and ecommerce product image editing. By outsourcing your product photo retouching requirement to us, you can rest assured that bulk images will be edited quickly, while maintaining high standards of quality consistently, to achieve the best results for your business. We have the expertise to fix any damages and discoloration, and enhance the quality of your old photographs. We perform digital image clipping of your photographs to suit your specifications. Our highly trained professionals make use of advanced photo stitching techniques to combine multiple photographs into a single wide-angle picture for a 360 degree perspective. By outsourcing your 360-degree panorama photo stitching requirement to MCIT, you can be assured that you will get high quality, cost-effective results.