Information Technology

We can develop IT solutions that deliver results for your business. Our qualified software engineers and developers are adept in the latest technologies for on-premise, cloud, mobile and web solutions. We also follow best practices, so the process of design, development, deployment and maintenance is hassle-free for you. By choosing us as a partner, you can be assured of a cost-effective and timely delivery. Our Services in IT includes

Android Application Development

MCIT is an expert IT-BPO service provider with vast experience in Android application development. We are among the leading app development companies, and have the capability to create customized Android apps for your business that deliver a seamless user experience, in terms of speed, look and feel, and performance. We have the proficiency to deliver Android applications for your varied end user requirements.


We have deep technological knowledge of C and C++ programming languages and have the capability to build applications that will deliver positive business results for your enterprise. We develop C / C++ applications for the platform that is most suited for your business requirement, enabling your enterprise to leverage these programming languages to attain organizational objectives.

HTML Application Development

HTML5 web and mobile applications are rich in features and have cross-platform compatibility. MCIT is an expert IT service provider and delivers end-to-end HTML5 Application Development Services to suit your business requirement. With vast experience in delivering high-quality IT services, we provide support for all the stages of the software development lifecycle and will be your trusted partner for your HTML5 application requirements.


Because of its open-source and platform-agnostic nature, Java lends itself to a wide range of applications and business uses. MCIT is one of the leading IT Outsourcing Services companies with expertise in providing Java Development Services. We have deep knowledge of the Java programming language and Java architectures, which enables us to develop custom Java applications that cater to your particular business requirement.

Dot Net

The .NET framework is considered a consistent and all-encompassing programming model for creating applications with visually-rich user experiences and seamless and safeguarded communication. MCIT has vast experience as an IT service provider and employs the .NET framework to develop solutions and applications that have minimized deployment and versioning conflicts, optimized performance, and secure code. MCIT ensures that our .NET project deliveries are on-time and customized to suit the requirements of your business.

Linux/UNIX Software Development

Businesses around the world are leveraging Linux and UNIX operating systems for their cost-effectiveness, stability, network friendliness, flexibility, performance, compatibility and security, among other reasons. MCIT has strong expertise in Linux and UNIX Application Development Services. We enable your enterprise to leverage these operating systems to achieve critical business objectives.